João Salvador

As an architect, I believe that we must be responsible when designing a building, a house, a hotel or even an airport. Responsible for the place where this project will be inserted, both in terms of culture, resources, and environment. The line that emerges must maintain the balance of the surrounding area, even if it is an innovative and contemporary project adapted to a more traditional neighbourhood. We design for people and their cities and projects must be carried out so that those who live there feel happy, integrated without discomfort or lack of meaning in their daily lives.

In environmental terms, new rules are necessary and required. It means that each project must be thought and designed in a sustainable way, using natural resources more and more. We are all responsible for the planet we inhabit, and the growth of cities must be done intelligently for the good of all of us. Everything must be thought out in detail so that the well-being lasts and the balance and the combination of all the selected materials remain as long as possible, in a perfect and harmonious connection with these desirable spaces, making the lives of all who are living there a real pleasure.

What motivates me most in my work as an architect is the importance of my contribution to the happiness of people who trust me their space and the passion for a good life. From small to large works, all are experienced by people. For human beings who deserve the best.

Life is too short to be lived in an unpleasant way or without the involvement, warmth, quality and love we deserve